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Where to Buy Dota 2 Skins – The Best Dota 2 Trading sites & Marketplaces

If you’re looking to get your hands on some Dota 2 skins there’s plenty of places that’s much cheaper then the Steam community market, and in this guide we’ll go over the biggest sites and marketplaces that are dealing with Dota 2 items, both for trading with other players and if you’re looking to buy Dota 2 skins with real money, let’s get started with the list. Feel free to leave your own suggestions of Dota 2 trading sites in the comment section of the bottom of the page, we’re always looking to expand our guides.

This guide contain a few affiliate links, clicking them & buying something will earn the site a small commission, it won’t effect you in any way.

Buying Dota 2 Skins with money (Paypal, Bitcoin)

bitskins logo

Bitskins is one of the major sites when it comes to CSGO skins cash trading and with one of the lowest sales fees around Bitskins has created a great platform that’s filled with cheap deals on Dota 2 skins and other items. One of my favourite features on the site is the ability to place buy order Bitskins, if you have the patience with placing buy order and waiting for them to go through it’s a fantastic way of getting cheap skins below it’s market value.

Bitskins accepts all the major payment options including Paypal, Bitcoin and Ethereum (to name a few)

opskins logo

Opskins is one of the big sites when it comes to virtual items marketplaces, the site started out as open market for people to buy & sell CSGO skins for real money but since the launch in 2015 the site has branched out into providing marketplace for other games too, including Dota 2. The size of Opskins is for sure one of it’s strongest points, and with their large user base they always have a large supply of skins and items for Dota 2, making it one of the best places to find hard to find items.

OPSkins accept pretty much all payment option you can image. Paypal, Bitcoin, G2aPay and many many more.

DotA 2 Trading Sites

If you prefer to trade Dota 2 items instead of whipping out your wallet, then the site below will be more of your taste. On these sites you’ll find other people looking to trade with Dota 2 skins and items. If you have any questions on how to use these sites you can ask them in the comment at the end of this guide, and I’ll do my best to answer them.

dota 2 outpost logo

Dota 2 Outpost is a large trading site dealing with Dota 2 items, you’ll also find items from other Steam games being traded here, making it perfect if you’re looking to trade your CSGO items for Dota 2 skins for example. On Outpost you either search for the items you’re interested in and then look through other people’s listings, or you can create your own listings looking to buy or sell your items. There’s also a premium membership that gives you more listings and auto bump feature for your listings, the premium will cost you $1/month, but isn’t really necessary unless you’re planning to trade a lot on this platform.

reddit logo

Dota 2 Trade on Reddit is another active place for trading Dota 2 items. In my experience it’s mostly high tier and expensive items being traded on this subreddit, but it’s defiantly worth checking out considering it’s one of the biggest places to trade Dota 2 items. It’s also quite common that people ask for a price check on their items here, then other community members help and try to give a accurate price for the item in question, which is great for anyone that unsure how much their item is really worth.

Dota 2 Lounge has a similar layout that you’ll find on Dota 2 Outpost, here people can create their own listings asking to either buy or sell certain items or you can just search and see if someone is selling what you’re looking for. A word of caution though, when I used the site in the past I been added by quite a large amount of scammers, that being said you shouldn’t be afraid to use the site, just beware that there’s plenty of people that want to scam you on all the platforms mentioned in this guide.

Steam logo

Steam Community Dota 2 Trading Forums might not be the best place to find a good deal, considering all the lowball offers being posted over there constantly, but I believe it’s still worth mentioning just because the amount of people that actually uses the forums for trading in Dota 2, there’s pretty much a new thread being created every minute or so. I suggest you use the search function to find what you’re looking for, otherwise it’s a nightmare to find what you’re looking for.


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