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My name is Jonas and I run & make all the guides on Tradeplz, I am a designer/illustrator/sculptor/person from Sweden that loves gaming and I love trading. I started trading on Steam a few years ago, I traded cheap hats in TF2 and eventually I started dealing with Steam games and reselling those, I always liked the economy part in many of the games I played over the years, playing the auction house in WOW & Guild Wars 2 for example, I always like that part of MMO’s.

Now I mostly be doing Steam trading, the economic geek inside me loves it and it’s a great way to earn some spare cash, which is extremely nice if you’re as poor as I am. I’m not a fantastic trader but I do get a lot of things for free thanks to trading, and that’s pretty much what I want to show with this site, that you don’t have to be this amazing trade or spend shitload of time in order to trade on Steam (but it does help), if you know what you’re doing and you put some effort into it, trading can be quite easy for anyone to get started with.

Like I mention I’m also a artist and I do all kinds of things, but I would say my main fields are illustration and sculptures, that’s really where my passion is. So if you want to check out my portfolio and see what I do when I am not writing guides for Tradeplz you can find it over here.


some of my stuff..

Also a quick note about some of the guide, a few of my guides have affiliate/referral links in them, these links will get me paid a small sum if anyone clicks them and makes a purchase on the sites that they lead to. Just so you know, I will never link to sites that I don’t use myself or that I don’t think is any good or that doesn’t add value to the guides. It’s just a way for me earn a few dollars here and there, and it’s nothing that will affect my readers really, but I just want to be upfront with it.

I’m always open for collaborations with other creators and communities so if you got any ideas how we can work together send me a message or add me on Steam and I’ll get back to you! (If you add me on Steam make sure you leave a comment before adding me, otherwise I might not accept, just a heads up.)