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List of Steam, TF2, CS:GO & Dota 2 Giveaways & Raffles Sites

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In this guide I will list some of the websites that have Steam-, TF2-, and CSGO giveways regularly. I know this isn’t a trade guide and I´m sorry for everyone out there that has zero interest in giveaways, but this guide is really for all the poor players out there, that want that tiny tiny chance of getting a sweet skin/hat or game. A quick note before I start, I don´t recommend entering giveaways that requires you to pay to enter, I wouldn’t call these giveaways it´s just gambling really, and most these giveways have a shitload of participants so the chance of winning is really low, but hopefully with the help of this list you will find & enter a lot of free giveaways and increase your chances of winning.


CSGOrage is a website that´s a website only dedicated to raffles, there´s a mixture of giveways that cost real money to enter and also free ones. Even though the chance for winning the paid raffles are much higher I wouldn’t recommend entering them, it´s just not worth the money, the cost is low but the chance is winning is crazy low anyway, so stick to the free ones.

CSGOEgg is site with a similar setup as CSGO Rage, a site that mostly dedicated to raffles that cost money to enter. I do not recommend entering these paid raffles, or the gambling part of this website, stay away from that shit, unless you like throwing away your skins. However they usually have a few free raffles, try them instead.

CSGO Hub is a betting site that are giving away a free skins daily, like two other sites above, I don´t recommend going for the premium giveaways or gambling, it´s not a good way of winning skins.

Random Acts of CS:GO on Reddit is a place where other players give away free skins, fantastic place where people show their generosity. Maybe not the most fanciest skins being given away but on the other hand the chances of getting something for free is much higher here.

CS:GO Giveaways on reddit is another subreddit for CSGO items, not as active though.


LootMarket is a CS:GO & Dota 2 Shop where you can buy & sells items/skins for money. They also have regular CSGO & Dota 2 giveaways. Just head over to the link and click “Free Stuff” in the top menu bar.

Steam games

Steamgifts is defiantly the biggest and most active site when it comes to giveaways of Steam games. The sites giveaways are all from the users of the site itself, and you´ll be surprised about how many games are being given away each and every day, it´s just a lovely community of giving and taking <3. All raffles are free to join, you are given points that are based on how many giveaways that are active on the site at the moment, and each game raffle cost a certain amount of points to enter (based on how much the game cost).

Also quite often game companies will come to Steamgifts to give away a lot of copies of their games, creating raffles that isn’t that hard to win actually. The site also has a bunch of nice features, such as sorting giveaways based on your Steam wishlist.

The site Steam companion has a similar setup as Steamgifts with their giveaways, it´s hasn’t the same amount of giveaways and it´s not as active but it´s still a nice place to check out. Entering raffles cost points and you earn points by making your own game raffles or by simply using the site itself.

Team Fortress 2 giveaways & raffles has a raffle section over at their website where other players are giving away everything from hats, skins and weapons. All the raffles are free to enter and from time to time the staff of puts up some pretty amazing raffles with unusuals, keys and other yummy stuff.

TF2 Item Raffles is another site with free player driven giveaways, a bunch of items to be won here, mostly weapons & metal I guess, so it´s a great place for all you poor TF2 players..

Tradeplz Giveaway

I host monthly giveaways on the site where I giveaway CSGO/TF2 keys & Steam games, you can check out the giveaway section over here or you can find the current live giveaway below. Happy hunting!
Tradeplz TF2 Key giveaway *yay*


If you find this list useful I suggest you bookmark it in your browser so you can come back to it and check if there´s new giveaways from time to time. Also I really would appreciate it if you gave the guide a like and shared this will your friends, community or anyone who would enjoy this, it would really help me & the site out.

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