About Tradeplz

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My name is Jonas and I run & make all the guides on Tradeplz! I am a designer/illustrator/sculptor/person from Sweden that loves gaming and I love trading. I started trading on Steam a few years ago but I always liked the economy part when I game, playing the auction house in Wow & Guild Wars 2 for example, so I guess I always like that part. But mostly I like Steam trading so much because it let´s me get the games I want for free, which is supernice if you´re as poor as I am, that wasn’t  meant to be bragging, I´m not a fantastic trader but I do get a lot of shit thanks to trading, and that´s pretty much what I want to show with this site, you don´t have to be amazing or spend shitload of time in order to trade on Steam, if you know what you´re doing it can be quite easy for anyone to get started with trading.

If you want to check out my portfolio and see what I do when I am not writing guides for Tradeplz you can find it over here.


some of my stuff…

Also a quick note about some of the guide, a few of my guides have affiliate/referral links in them, these links will get me paid a small sum if anyone clicks them and makes a purchase on the site that it leads to. Just so you know, I would never link to sites that I don’t think is any good or that doesn’t add value to the guides. It´s just a way for me earn a few dollars here and there, and it´s nothing that will affect my readers really, but I just want to be upfront with it.