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Buying & Selling on Opskins – How to make a profit

If you don’t know about OPskins it’s a site that let’s you buy and sell CSGO skins and items for real cash. And in this guide I will show you a simple guide that can earn you some money by buying & selling skins on this site, just keep in mind this is not some get rich shit, you won’t get rich doing this, this is just a method that worked for me in the past and this might work for you too. First let me explain the basics of this method, we’ll begin with finding one or a couple of skins that’s popular and seem to sell good at the moment, then we head over to OPskins and search for that/those skins, if the price is good we buy the skins and we put them up for sale again on OPskins but for a higher price. This guide works best if you have some cash on OPskins, the more the better really.

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Finding a potential skin to buy

The skin that we’re looking for got to pass a few criteria to be a good candidate, first off it can’t be to expensive, we’re going to buy as many of these skins as we can so therefore it’s important that the price is as low as possible, in my experience skins that cost $1-$3 is perfect.

The other criteria is that it has to be skin people want, it has to be popular, we don´t want to buy something nobody wants, then we’ll never resell the skin. In order to find a skin that match these criterias I usually head over to CS:GO SteamAnalyst, here you can find a bunch of information about CSGO skins and we can easily search for what we’re looking for.

popular skins

So we sort the search by Popularity, and we set the price range for our search for 1-3 dollar (or whatever you like, depending how big your budget is)


Nova Antique (Minimal Wear)

What we do now is that we check out some of the results that we got in our search and see if they’re a good match. Just click on the skins name and there will be a link to Opskins there, so let´s head over there. For this guide I will use the skin Nova Antique (Minimal Wear) as an example. Once we´re over at OPSkins we want some stats on how this skin is selling on the site, we want a skin that´s popular & that´s sell good. So to get some stats we simply just click on the name of the skin.

Here we’ll see a bunch of stats on how much this skin is selling for and how many are sold each day. This guide is not exact science so I don´t have any specific numbers that  I am looking for, but I’m just looking to see if the skin is selling good and that the price hasn’t gone down to much in the past. So from the stats I can see that around 40 of these skins sell each day, which is good in my book, so this might be something worth investing in.

Then we’ll go back to all the listings of the Nova Antique (Minimal Wear) and make sure the listings are sorted from lowest price to highest. Now we want to buy as many of these skins that are available at a good price and then sell them for a higher price and by so making a profit. When we´re selling the skins later we want our price for the skin to be the cheapest right now, so that our listings will be next to be sold. So this is what we´re looking for. (scroll down)

nova listings

There’s a nice gap in the prices on these skins (between 2.35 and 2.50), it’s not much but it´s enough for us to make a profit. So what we’re going to do now is to buy everything under $2.50, there´s quite a few listings I know so you need some cash to invest in order for this to work. So buy everything under $2.50 and then we´ll put up what we just bought up for sale for $2.49 each (making our listings the cheapest around) We´re basically driving the price up by buying everything cheap.

So how much would you make if you bough all 15 skins and then got them all sold for $2.49 each? If you have a regular Opskins account you will make around $1 reselling for all these skins (including fees) which is not fantastic to be honest. But if you have premium membership on the site which will lower your sale fee from 10% to 5% You would be making $3 on buying & selling all these skins, doesn’t sound great either I know, but I used to do this to several different skins each and everyday, and when you keep doing it, those $3 adds up pretty fast.  Depending on how popular a skin is I could easily sell all my skins within a day or so, so it was quite easy profit, small but fast profit.

Additional advice

I will end with some simple tricks I learnt that will make this method just a little bit smoother. My first advice would be to bookmark skins you know are good investments, after awhile you will notice some items that sell better then others, make a folder in your browser and bookmark these weapons, then you can easily open up these listings and see if there´s any good deals right now, make sure you have at least a couple of good items you want to invest in. I´ll share you my list to get you started, but I can´t promise you that this list of items still are good investments, things a constantly changing so there’s never any guarantees.


Another method you can try after you bought some skins on OPskins is to resell them in another store. There’s a similar site that’s called Bitskins, the site works pretty much the same as OPskins, the main difference is that Bitskins isn’t as popular but the fee for selling stuff is lower by default (5% fees on sales for all members). So it’s always a good idea to head over there and see if you can get a better deal if you sell ells where.

Keep in mind that there’s always a risk involved doing this, myself made a mistake a while back using this method, completely misinterpreted the market and bought like 50 skins that did not get sold for a few weeks, and after those weeks the price for the skin had gone down. So I ended up selling all those skins with a loss, it wasn’t the end of the world because I know I made plenty of profit from other investments using this method, but it´s important to know that sometimes things doesn’t go as planned.

opskins guide

I understand that this guide might seem confusing or hard to follow but what I think you should do is to take this guide as inspiration on how you can come up with a method on earning on Opskins, you don’t have to follow this guide blindly, just see it as an example how it can be done, and I am sure you can come up with something even greater then this shitty guide. Thanks for reading and I hope you learnt something. If you want me to clear something up or explain a part of the guide feel free to leave a comment below and I will do my best to try and help out.













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  • Reply
    1 September, 2016 at 09:21

    Hey, great guide and as a result of it I have decided to start trading skins and keys using OPskins and other sites; and i was wondering what would be the best skin/key to starting trade with, with a 20 GBP budget.

    Thanks in Advance

    • Reply
      1 September, 2016 at 15:23

      Hey Olly! Glad you liked the guide.
      It’s been a while since I done this, but I would go with something simple if you’re just starting out. Get familiar with one item and it’s value and start from there.
      Or try this guide maybe, buying and selling keys from different shops. http://tradeplz.com/csgo-trading-guide-opskins-bitskins-lootmarket/

    • Reply
      16 April, 2017 at 11:28

      Flip knife fade its sick and very popular. and after u made ur profit u can buy one urself and look sexy using it

  • Reply
    Bluebirdx4 Steam, youtube Blaise
    26 September, 2016 at 02:00

    Hey Ive bought like 10 awp safari meshes and make the market price go from 1.80 to 2.12 by buying everything under $2 for the past week, so like 40 awps. ive only resold 6 for profit though. Ill keep you updated

    • Reply
      27 September, 2016 at 18:53

      Just be careful, I haven’t done this in awhile, but my last buying spree went abit crazy. I just keept buying and buying, but not selling that much. Ending up losing a bunch of money. If your items aren’t selling it could be a sign that there isnt a high demand for it.
      Keep me posted, would love to see how it goes!

  • Reply
    6 February, 2017 at 13:02

    i just started out as well but i started with a few ak47 vulcans. So far, there’s some profit going on as i got the skins for 15-18 dollars but im not selling it yet due to the price increase few weeks ago.

    • Reply
      6 February, 2017 at 14:01

      Be careful investing in to expensive items thou. You want to sell your items relativity fast.
      I’m not doing this method any more so I’m not that up to date on how good it works anymore.

  • Reply
    Ronan McConnelll
    16 April, 2017 at 19:42

    Hey, I’ve been looking at this method but every time I run through the numbers I realize I wouldn’t be making profit, here is how I’m looking at it: First I look through the skins , P2000 Corticera for example, I look for a large-ish gap somewhere between prices (I look for like $0.15) I add ALL the skins that come before the jump to my cart. After that, I know I will be selling for 1 cent less than the first listing after the jump, so lets say its $3.18, I will sell all the skins I bought for $3.17 but I subtract 10% of $3.17 from all the skins I bought, I then multiply the remainder by however many skins I bough, 4 for example, and every time it is less than the amount I would pay. Am I dong something wrong?

    • Reply
      16 April, 2017 at 20:11

      It’s been almost a year since I made the guide. And I haven’t used this method in a long time. So either the competition got to hard and it’s not profitable anymore or you need to find other items to resell.
      You could also do this with a twist, buy from OPskins and resell in a another store. I talk about it in this guide, http://tradeplz.com/csgo-trading-guide-opskins-bitskins-lootmarket
      Might have better luck with that

  • Reply
    27 April, 2017 at 18:23

    Hey Jonas!

    Great guide by you. I really exposed me to more information in terms of how to profit from buying and reselling skins. I do have a question though: if I have the capital to buy expensive skins that are in high demand and have a low supply, like a Minimal Wear Stattrak Karambit, per say… Fade, can I make a profit off of that?


    • Reply
      27 April, 2017 at 18:33

      Hi Wayne, It’s hard for me to say what’s a good item to invest in and what’s not without doing research on it. But what I can say is that I usually stay away from both StatTrack and expensive items.

      I would want to make sure I could sell the expensive item relatively fast so I’m not stuck for a long time with a investment that isn’t making me any profit.

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